Seyekcub Aluminum, LLC is an Ohio foundry producing quality aluminum castings for the automotive-racing, military, mining, agricultural and pump industries.

At Seyekcub we are committed to producing quality products in a timely manor. Our people, processes and experience enable us to meet our customers needs and expectations as well as provide a competitively priced quality aluminum casting.

Never be late on a delivery to your customer again. Seyekcub will stock product for you making your parts as simple as a phone call away.

See our Metal section to view our metal cleanliness - just one of our quality controls that allows Seyekcub to pour quality aluminum castings.

car XR machine

Industries Served

Automotive-racing, military, marine, agricultural, pumps and pumping equipment, diesel engines, pneumatic, fencing, hardware


Engineering, pattern making, radiograph, fluoroscope, die penetrant, heat treat, solidification modeling and machining

Casting Processes

Matchplates, dump-boxes, core-boxes, permanent molds, and prototypes.

Tooling Processes

No-bake, green sand, Hunter 10 and permanent molds